Please to read it before playing.

1. General Community provisions

1.1 Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation. By registering and / or communicating on the Forum, you automatically agree with the general Rules of

1.2 The Forum Team monitors the Forum, the actions and discussions of users and, under special circumstances, intervenes on the basis of the Forum Rules..

1.3 The Forum team has the right to correct these Rules at any time by immediately informing the players about the changes in this topic.

1.4 Topic or Post published by any member are the property of the community, not the author of the topic.

1.5 Topics should be created in sections of the relevant topic.

2. Wishes to Communityusers

2.1 For a quick solution to your problem, use the ticket system

2.2 Before creating a problem topic, use the search function: the answer may already exist.

2.3 Make the topic title to the point, reflecting the essence of the problem, not emotions.

2.4 Creating a topic in the appropriate section and in the specified form guarantees a faster solution to the problem. But we recommend using the ticket system

3. Forbidden:

3.1 It is forbidden to explicitly and / or covertly insult the Forum Team, Project or other players.

3.2 Actions of a destructive nature are prohibited.

3.3 It is forbidden to create topics in the name of which there is a preferential mat, CAPS, translit.

3.4 Flood and spam are prohibited: writing one word per line; writing all words in uppercase; repetition of one line; advertising and anti-advertising; numerous creation of topics that do not carry a semantic load; creating a topic not in the appropriate section. Correction or deletion of messages, at the discretion of the Administrator / Moderator.


3.5 Real life threats of violence against the Forum Team and other players are prohibited.

3.6 It is forbidden to publish messages / avatars / screenshots / pictures / signatures containing text / images that violate the Rules of the Forum, Server or the Laws of the Czech Republic State.

- Pornographic (we have nothing against light erotica);

- Discriminating on any grounds;

- Politically motivated;

- Avatars that match the forum team

- Materials capable of causing moral harm to the Forum Team or Forum participants.

3.7 Unconstructive criticism of the project is prohibited. Non-constructive criticism does not bring anything useful for the development of the Project, reduces the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and spoils the impression of new players. But we are always glad to receive constructive criticism and practical advice.

3.8 The publication of personal conversations with the Project Team is prohibited.

3.9 It is forbidden to explicitly or covertly advertise any other third-party projects.

3.10 It is forbidden to write about your leaving the server or a group of people leaving the server, as well as to urge other players to stop playing.

3.11 It is forbidden to discuss the punishments established by the Administration (a ticket is possible to appeal).

3.12 It is forbidden to use in communication on the Translit forum, as well as when contacting technical support.

3.13 Distribution of malicious links is prohibited.

3.14 Flame: If someone does not share the opinion of others, a discussion begins and this does not mean at all that there should be a verbal fight with insults. Insulting anyone is not allowed. Each participant is responsible for his word. Anyone has the right to freedom of speech. However, this freedom should not be taken lightly, since obscene language on the forum, insulting users, and veiled obscenities are prohibited.

3.15 Bumping. There is no need to post the same question multiple times. The questions asked in the ticket system will never go unanswered.

3.16 Crossposting, double-posting, flooding. If you have a question, post it in one appropriate forum section, not in all of them. You will not receive a quick response - your entries will either be deleted or only the first one will be left. Crossposting is considered quite annoying as it makes it difficult for forum users to respond.

3.17 The forum is prohibited from discussing any transactions, the currency of which is non-game items.

3.18 It is forbidden to disseminate personal information of the project administration without their consent.

3.19 The propaganda of political parties / organizations / presidential candidates, etc. is prohibited.

3.20 It is forbidden to use images in the signature over 600x400

3.21 It is forbidden to spoil films / game endings on the forum.

As a restrictive measure after the removal of an offender's post, the Forum Team may use the following sanctions:

- Warning;

- Temporary ban on the publication of messages;

- Temporary blocking of the account / IP / accounts in the game / HWID;

- Deleting an account;

- Permanent blocking of account / IP / accounts in the game / HWID.